The investment process begins by identifying assets that meet our proprietary investment criteria. We then target assets within pre-screened areas that are underutilized, have operational inefficiencies or below-market rents. Through rigorous due diligence, forecasting, and evaluation of all multiple scenarios, we assess the investment potential of each property.





  • Design: Leaf Equities believes that smart design enhances the quality of life for our residents and consequently creates substantial value.  Whether adjusting apartment layouts to maximize functionality or creatively branding properties, Leaf Equities aims to design the best product in every market. Our approach is defined by an intensive focus on how people want to live and combining our innovative approach with best practices among our peers.
  • Long-Term & Community Focus: When Leaf Equities invests in a property, we recognize we are making an investment in the community. Our approach is long-term in nature with a strong sensitivity and respect to the communities and neighborhoods we invest in. Leaf Equities takes a particular interest in activating the streetscape and creating a dialogue with the community. 
  • Expense Reduction: Leaf Equities’ hands-on approach insures high level asset performance and maximum cash flow. From utility and energy audits to acquiring specific classes of properties, Leaf Equities aims to maximize the net income.
  • Creating value “on-the buy”: Leaf Equities has broad sourcing capabilities and a reputation for delivering on its commitments. By leveraging the firm’s trusted relationships with brokers, lenders, property managers, service providers, and other landlords. 
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